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Hi! I’m an English Language and Literature graduate with 2+ years of experience in content writing. I’ve written various content pieces for different industries, from social media content for an Indonesian news company to long-form blog posts for a global web hosting provider. 

Outside my working hours, I read and create content for my blog, bookstagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel.

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  • English
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Copywriting 
  • Social media 
  • Content planning 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Basic WordPress 
  • Video editing


This section demonstrates my skills on online writing for various channels and formats, including blog posts and landing pages. Some companies I’ve worked with:

Blog Posts

I’ve written long-form content for multiple companies as a contributor, freelancer, intern, and in-house employee. 

English Article Examples

How to Get More Clients and Foster Customer Loyalty: 15 Proven Ways With Expert Tips

Topic: Business
Company: Hostinger, a global hosting provider
Language: English

This guide lists 15 actionable methods on how to get more clients for web and design agencies and professionals.

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Types of Diversity Games That Build Teamwork and Understanding

Topic: Human resources
Company: 6Q, an Australian company building an employee engagement survey system
Language: English

This blog post covers the definition and benefits of diversity at work. It compiles five types of diversity games that are perfect for physical and digital workplaces.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – Bio, Profile, Facts, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Pics

Topic: Entertainment
Company: Gluwee, a celebrity and entertainment blog
Language: English

This blog post describes Taylor Swift’s bio, from her career to her personal life.

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Indonesian Article Examples

Bukan Perfeksionis, Ini Fakta OCD yang Sebenarnya!

Topic: Health
Language: Indonesian
Company: Zetizen Jawa Pos, a national teen online magazine.

This article is about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Here, I interviewed experts to back up the information.

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omah oma hostel malang

Omah Oma Hostel, Penginapan Vintage dan Instagrammable di Pusat Kota Malang

Topic: Travel
Company: TravelingYuk, a national online media for traveling
Language: Indonesian

This article describes my experience staying at Omah Oma Hostel, Malang.

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Review Game The Forgotten City, Misteri di Kota Romawi

Topic: Game
Company: Suhugamer, a review blog for games and gadgets
Language: Indonesian

This blog post reviews The Forgotten City, a popular mystery adventure game, in terms of its plot, gameplay, and development process.

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Landing Pages

When working at Hostinger, I write landing pages besides my main task as a tutorial and guest post writer. Examples are:

Hostinger vs SiteGround

This landing page compares two hosting providers (Hostinger and Siteground) in terms of their features, server locations, and more.

Free SSL certificate

This landing page explains an add-on for Hostinger’s hosting plans (free SSL certificate). It contains the difference between paid vs free SSL certificates, the benefits of SSL certificates, and how they work.

.io domain

This landing page encourages readers to buy a .io top-level domain (TLD). It explains the benefits of using this TLD and answers some FAQs about .io.


I published an academic journal and became a co-author for two books.

Effectiveness of linguistic features for attracting audience: A study of coworking space websites’ headlines (2022)

Publisher: Journal of English Educators Society (JEES)

This paper looks at how the coworking space industry promotes its service through advertising language in online media.

Jadi Diri Sendiri (2020)

Publisher: Guepedia

This Indonesian anthology shares how 20 young people navigate their lives in their 20s.

Catatan Cinta Untuk Para Remaja (2015)

Publisher: Mazaya Publishing House

This Indonesian book is a compilation of the winners’ essays for the publisher’s writing competition on teen issues.

Social Media

I helped several companies create Instagram feed content and caption. *Slide to see more images

portofolio maulidina marlita zetizen
portofolio everlideen zetizen


Zetizen Jawa Pos (@zetizen)
My task: Wrote content and designed posts
Year: 2020

(Per August 2022, Zetizen’s Instagram account isn’t available)

portfolio - maulidina marlita - social media - hotel pelangi malang (1)

portfolio - maulidina marlita - social media - hotel pelangi malang (2)


Pelangi Hotel, Malang (@pelangimalang)
My task:
created videos, wrote content, wrote caption, designed posts
Year: 2020

portfolio - maulidina marlita - social media - binabud malang (2)

portfolio - maulidina marlita - social media - binabud malang (1)


Bina Antarbudaya Malang (@binabudmlg)
My task: designed posts

My Own Platforms

I might say that my own platforms reflect my actual writing, video editing, and storytelling skills. Here I attach my proudest work.


  • Zenius (an edutech company in Indonesia) – mentioned as an alumni working as a content writer. 
  • BolehBaca (a book startup in Indonesia) – mentioned as a book reviewer.

What They Say About Me

I want to congratulate you on a phenomenal job. I’m genuinely impressed with how comprehensive you made it. And your English is wonderful. I’m really happy to see you work so hard, it really shows, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do next.
Content Writer Team Lead at Hostinger
Penulisannya sangat sangat sangat bagus! Tidak perlu revisi sama sekali. Wawasannya juga sangat luas, Pilihan tepat untuk bekerja sama!
Founder at Data Edukasi
Penulis gampang beradaptasi sama keinginan perusahaan, begitu juga ketika menemukan angle dan alur yang cocok. Tulisan Lidin cocok banget untuk konten hype/lifestyle.
Editor at Zetizen Jawa Pos