20 years of being quirkyalone

Welcome me to the 20 y.o club! And officially 20 years of being quirkyalone.

20 Years. or 7.305 Days.
Thank you universe for not making me stop counting my ages. :”) For these past 20 years I’ve been filled with much love from family and friends, which makes me beyond grateful and happy.
Last year, I was so scared realising I was growing older and regretful that I didn’t do much to prepare myself for the future. Well, I might say many things haven’t been checked yet now, but I am so proud I keep trying to be bold and honest (at least to myself).
One of those many things which haven’t been checked is having a romantic partner…… 
20 years of being quirkyalone! Isn’t it pathetic? (NO)
Tbh, I have zero experience in this-relationship-thing. I don’t have a feeling for the same gender, NO! (or not yet HAHAHAHAHA) (don’t be scared of me jk).
I am used to thinking that having a boyfriend makes me overwhelmed(?) and basically I am very much used to do many things by myself. Shopping, eating, driving, even watching films at the cinema. It sounds SO lonely but it is otherwise. I enjoy being quirkyalone. Or I feel lonely, but still can handle it.
20 years of being quirkyalone
The definition of quirkyalone


Last semester, I really had an unexpectedly crazy schedule.
I thought I didn’t have time for such a thing. And based on my friends’ experience, dating costs a lot HAHAHA. Therefore, I put aside this option.
However, recently I feel….. I need someone to talk to and have fun with besides my friends and family. I am just curious(?) what kind of feeling I would have if I had a special person next to me.
So, I start my research. HA.

Why am I single?

  • I took a random quiz on Buzzfeed, and it said:

Hm, I do not completely disagree with this.
For 20 years of being quirkyalone, some (I might say many) people say that I am hardly reachable. 
“You are too bright, they said. That I get a quite excellent grade, perform well in my class, or seem independent in basically anything is not my fault.

Sorry for playing too hard, but I don’t apologise for wanting the best.

It sounds harsh, but… maybe you are not my level. HAHAHAA #arrogantmodeon

I don’t think that ‘too attractive’ is the main reason. I definitely agree with this result too:
20 years of being quirkyalone the reason you are single
Some people may consider this one suits better than the first reason.
I try to not be boring. By knowing trends, accustoming to talk to strangers, watching videos “how to friend” and being outgoing. But somehow those don’t work.
I do behave better than before, but sometimes it still feels awkward. Well, maybe the quote “Not everyone understands you. Don’t explain anything” matches this situation. wkwk
  • My close friends say I just haven’t met that “the one”.

    I also nod for this reason. I had fallen to someone who I think don’t look at me. And I find some people giving me attention but I don’t get attracted to. So sorry.

So yeah.
The conclusion is:

I am single, available, and ready to mingle (with the right person 🙂 )


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2 responses to “20 years of being quirkyalone”

  1. Sejauh ini, paling sukaaa tulisanmu yang iniiiiiiiii. Gilak, keliatan bgt kamu berhasil cinta sama dirimu sendiri(yg belum banyak cewe bisa lakuin itu, termasuk aku-.-). Kenapa bahasa inggris sih?untung ngerti *nangis dipojokan*

    1. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!! Bertahap kuuyy! Mari kita belajar mencintai diri sendiri daripada mencintai orang yang nggak mencintai balik 🙂 visit yang ini nih https://everlideen.blogspot.com/2019/06/my-self-love-journey.html lebih lengkap tentang self-love wkwkw

      aku kan ngajak kamu belajar 🙂 kurang baik apa aku ini 😛