[Non-Fiction] Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

What can you learn from Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig?

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“Are you feeling depressed?” 

That statement came out every time I mentioned which book I was reading. This book. I had been falling head over heels in love with this after spotting one of its pages on Pinterest about 2 years ago

Reasons to Stay Alive matt haig book


Never did I have the courage to read up to recently I felt I needed it. So, after realising there was Bootopia, I grabbed the chance to finally open this book by my hand. Back to the question. Am I depressed?

In correlation with the definition, I don’t think I have depression. But sometimes just mentally exhausted (the here and now, probably since I watch too many productivity-hardworking-related videos also things here and there) And this book is somewhat a cure. 

Reasons to Stay Alive self-help

Synopsis of Reasons to Stay Alive Matt Haig

Divided into 5 parts, this book mainly talks about the author’s journey of dealing with depression.

The dark side of the book. Here Matt Haig lets the depression be known in detail. The moment when he reached the edge of a cliff, the medication he has gone through, suicide and depression facts, and the talks about being a man.

After the breakdown, this part discusses the awareness of his existence in life. 

Like its name, it is his ‘boom’, his reasons to stay alive such as love, books, travel, write, etc. Where ‘the inconsequential moment’ to him happened is here: the moment of nothingness. It, based on the book, was the milestone, one step closer to be ‘mentally’ okay. 

Having faith.

Struggling to be free from depression and anxiety is ‘impossible’. Things come and go, so it’s better to accept. Matt Haig gives you recipes of how to live. 

Book Review: Reasons to Stay Alive

Once I stepped on the first part, Falling, I got affected.

It’s hard to continue to the next pages. (lol I think I always exaggerate a thing). That’s why I said that it as ‘the dark side of the book’ because it’s making me down. I then know how depression looks like. On the other hand, I realise it’s his honesty in writing that was amazed me. 

The pages went on and I was being touched by the warm feeling within the words. This book is written not in a way you read a paper about depression (and anxiety), but in an easily understandable and calm style. 

The most valuable thing I can catch is learning to accept. Everything. Either painful memory or the priceless collection of happiness. 

The best answers – the answers that have been written and recorded for thousands of years – always seem to resolve around acceptance. 

This is absolutely not such a waste of my money. 

… , while we know it can happen to anyone, we can never be told too many times that it can actually happen to anyone

‘Stop,’ I whispered. But time doesn’t stop. Not even when you ask is nicely.



Book: Reasons to Stay Alive
Author: Matt Haig
ISBN: 9781782116820
Publisher: Canongate Books, 2016
Price: 180,000 (+shipping)
Normal price:  196,000



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