Lessons I learnt from my 2018

Lessons I learnt from my 2018

2018 was the first time I visited Bali and Jogja. But, following the new experiences were the new lessons. Here are the lessons I learnt from 2018.

Life is a journey, and I want to tell you mine.

Actually, I was quite hesitant to write this topic since I don’t want to expose my deep feelings to the mass, but I think it’s worth being posted, so just let me be honest…

I started my 2018 by writing my goals. That was the first time I concerned about creating resolutions, goals, and habits. I began writing randomly about things I wanted to accomplish during 2018. Some numbers checked, some crossed. Yet, I am beyond delighted for my period of growth.

You’re doing wonderful, Darling!

I used to compare myself to anyone else: physical appearance, achievement, and wealth. I have grown in a rapid and full-spirited environment, especially my high school friends’ performance. I was stressed out, full of anxiety, and always felt never enough. To compress those kinds of feelings, I read books that happened to be my “guide”. One of the books whose quote I have been keeping in my mind is Noir. It says:

Lessons I learnt from my 2018 noir quote

It hit me to the heart. I then dug deep about related topics: self-love, self-acceptance, and personal development. After that, I found very helpful channels on YouTube. One of them is Lavendaire . She inspires me a lot to accept myself, to improve myself in a better way.

I also began to take care of my body by applying skincare, wearing clothes that make myself spark, and…. exercising (which I am still working on). And I was gradually confident, physically. Then another ghost came which was people around my age’s achievements. Some of you (in my contacts) may remember I posted

“Ketika udh nggak insecure sm penampilan org lain, skrg insecure sm prestasi org lain. Rumput tetangga memang lebih hijau”

Thank you so much for those who replied and reminded me that life is not a competition TO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE. BUT TO OUR PAST. So I looked for, tried, and joint anything that interested me. And voila! Here I am. A person who is quite satisfied with her own.

Expect nothing, appreciate EVERYTHING

Some of my expectations turned out to be disappointments.

I had planned what I wanted to do, which group I had eager to be the part of, but it didn’t go as smoothly as I thought. Yet, I felt strange. When I didn’t expect nothing, I gained a lot of something. For example, I just wanted to meet Reza Rahadian in the distance of metres, but I ended up shaking hands with him. I just wished to add my knowledge about writing in a workshop, yet I met an inspiring person who lightened my passion.

On the other hand, instead of expecting something that is uncontrollable, I count my blessings. Simply as finishing an assignment, meeting my friends, and having eyes in order to look at someone who is damn good-looking. Hehhehehehe

Lessons I learnt from my 2018

A dream without a plan is just a wish

Actually, I partly agree with that quote. (I strongly agree: A dream without action is just a wish) but for me, create a plan is the first action that works for me to become a much more productive person. I believe if I didn’t create my list at the beginning of 2018, I would not make a move. Some people may let their lives go with the flow. But I can’t. I become less overthinking when I have jotted down my list, let out everything that makes my mind burdened. The plan helps me immediately start one after another and not bother about what I should do next.

Those are the lessons I learnt from my 2018!


What has 2018 taught you? 

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8 responses to “Lessons I learnt from my 2018”

  1. I can relate to that Dinn :(( like overimagining and expecting somethings are really exhausting. I know zero-expect can calm myself down. Yet, I can't stop my mind from thinking about things :'( I wish you get well soon, sister!

    1. I am so much better now!! Yeah still keep reminding my own self to not highly expect on smtg.. Hope things will get better in the near future🌺🌹

  2. May your new resolution works better this year^^

    1. HUHUHU amiiin, Dit! You too ❤❤

  3. good writing! keep smile and wish your own goals in 2019 can be reached 🙂

    1. Thank you, Riiim!! I hope yours can turn into reality too! ;))