4 Life Lessons I Learnt in 2019

New Year always be a great way to reflect. To see what worked, and what didn’t in the previous year. There were so many things going on in my 2019 that gratefully bring myself here. I note life lessons I learnt in 2019 and share with you to make you realise yours, so you won’t create the same mistakes you’ve done last year.

 I hope some resonate with you:

Doing what you love is soo much fun, but don’t forget to love what you are doing

Because life is not always full of happiness. It isn’t social media 😉

In 2019, I personally intended to crave for more. To always try something new. To fulfil my curiosity and satisfaction. In the middle of doing a particular program (the thing I chose with full awareness), I realised that “it was not for me”.

I was trapped between something I was doing and things I wanted to do. I grumbled, complained, and became less grateful like EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Until one day, some people felt lucky to have me, that they were thankful for what I was doing (something that I don’t love so much). Then, I changed my perspective. Maybe, I was led to do this to help people. Maybe, it would lead me to another opportunity or keep me from not being so broke wkwkw. Maybe it would change me as a person. And it actually does.

In conclusion, love what you’re doing even though it’s not something you love so dearly. It may drive you somewhere.

You get what you work for

I think it’s all about perseverance.

I wrote and shared my work on this precious blog (wkwk so biased). I just wrote (not really) routinely. I shocked when I received a notification on one sunny day that I was invited for an amazing opportunity: a paid event for bloggers in Malang. This event becomes my milestone to improve my networking, the number in my bank account (LOL), and confidence in writing.

bis bagong tol malang-surabaya everlideen life lessons
One of the pictures I took during the event

Thank you for reading my not-so-good writings, for taking this dreamy journey with me.

You don’t get what you just wish for, you get what you are determined about. Start your dream now. You won’t be noticed right away, you won’t get the result quickly. But on an unpredictable someday.

“Yang nanem yang nandur” – Javanese proverb

You won’t know unless you try it yourself.

Have something you are always curious about? Do it. Are you afraid of doing that because everyone says it’s very uneasy to conquer? Well, prove it yourself.

I said that teaching is “not so me” [see the post here], then I transformed some conditions for myself during teaching process and preparation or choosing the level of my students. I became more comfortable and was not so bad at doing this wkkw.

During my senior high school, my friends frequently put me in administration department because they know I am detailed-oriented, well-organized, and other things you’ll find in an administration girl (hm). However, I realised that it is quite repetitive after performing this job (professionally?). And I think I need some creativity (look like I am THAT creative wkwk) in my job, so I chose another thing.

I came to these conclusions because I simply tried. Get close to your curiosity, maybe you’ll get something, maybe you’ll learn something.

life lessons I learnt in 2019_solo traveling to jakarta
I thought going somewhere alone was scary. It’s incredibly fun!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you win – Craig T Owens.

We have to be comfortable with uncomfortable

You won’t always be under the umbrella of your parents (say this loudly to me huhu). You can’t always lean on someone’s shoulder. Your friends may be away. Therefore, I think it’s important to get used to facing the uncomfortable.

life lessons I learnt in 2019_friends
Let’s learn how to stand by your own feet

Push yourself to do things we have never thought we have the courage to do. Because once you do something you are afraid of, the next complex thing becomes easier. – Matt D’Avella

I agree with Vanessa Van Edwards that the learning begins whenever we try something uncomfortable. That’s why I did this in 2019: to learn.


Mind telling your lessons you got in 2019 below?


the girl who reads too many self-development books,

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