benefits of journaling

The Benefits of Journaling That Can Change Your Life

We’re stepping in the first quarter of 2018!! What have you been doing to accomplish your new year resolutions? Have you checked it one by one already? I have one goal that I wrote for the very first time of this year. It’s journaling! I have realized the benefits of journaling. And, you will!

I know that it is quite simple to be a goal, but the effects of recording your moments are kind of matters to me. So, at this moment, I want to share the benefits of journaling that affect me within these first 3 months!

I have a me-time!

It’s time for me to reflect the day and feel happy or sad or even gratitude about that day. I write at night before going to sleep. You can write or draw anything such as your moments, habit tracking, quotes, or poems that make you interested, your goals, and gratitude.

I often reread or re-watch my previous highlights of last month. I just find writing a diary is a fun activity to do. When I get bored and I don’t have a story to tell, I usually practice my water-coloring. WKWK, it’s not that bad tho ^^

benefits of journaling
My water coloring x Shakespeare

I can release all my feelings, regrets, or curses

The feelings that get wrapped me out on that day without having guilty or anxiety about being insulted by other people. Because usually, I wrote it on Twitter or Whatsapp Status. And my friends would ask me why I inscribed that.

The worst thing was I actually wrote about them. Or maybe my family would know and got involved in my problem. Yeah, it’s really necessary sometimes when you need anyone’s advice. Yet sometimes you just battle with yourself and the most person you can rely on is your own self.

Better result in my writing class

I got a better result in my writing class and built up many inspirations from my own journal. Many people say “practice makes perfect”, since I write a diary every day, and become more sensitive about grammar and coherency, or just simply idea that comes up when I found deadlock for a topic in my writing class.

The memory will last  forever

The biggest benefit of writing a diary is you won’t forget your moments because you have already recorded it. I feel regretful since I didn’t drop a note a lot for my moments in the previous years. I just wrote it when I wanted. I lost sooo many moments like the first day he walked by my side, or the first day he laughed with me. Those was simple actually, but it means a lot to me till now.

Everything doesn’t mean to forget even it is a bad thing.

I’ve recorded everything. Long before you left. In case something like this happens in the future, and all my memories are gone, I could at least find you in my record. -Heo Joon Jae (Legend of The Blue Sea)


So yeah! Why don’t you start recording your moments from now? Happy writing, guys!

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